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The Girard

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On the heels of the Mid-century Modern flare, great designers like Alexander Girard are being reintroduced to the design community through companies like North America's Herman Miller, and Maharam Textiles.

Alexander Girard's Folk Art influence was our inspiration for this project's interior's. Adding this cultural and artistic experience to the already thriving art community in Boston's South End, was a welcome breath of fresh air in comparison to "attitude-neutral", "merchandisable", and "typical" residential buildings. This design direction created warmth and added a human scale to the structure when in comparison to the building's crisp black and white large exterior.

Being the Lead interior designer for the 160 unit mutli-family residential building, where I selected the amenity space and model unit furnishings, I studied Girard, Charles & Ray Eames, and George Nelson who all collaborated under Girard when he was head of the fabric and textiles division at Herman Miller, and brought all the designers together again "under the same roof ".

See the Boston Magazine Article for more information and Photographs

The Girard Boston Magazine Article

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